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10th Aug, 2022

How Small Towns Will Need to Adjust to the Increase of EVs

Correspondent 27th Jul, 2022 Updated: 29th Jul, 2022

In recent years, electric vehicles (EVs) have been gaining popularity. This is partly due to technological advances that have made EVs more affordable and reliable, and also because of increasing concerns about the environmental impact of gas-powered cars.

As EVs become more common, small towns will need to adjust to accommodate this new technology. Here are a few things that small towns will need to do in order to accommodate an increase in EVs:

Install EV Charging Stations

One of the most important things that small towns need to do to accommodate EVs is to install EV charging stations. This will allow EV owners to charge their cars when they are in town and make it more convenient for people passing through town in an EV.

There are a few options for charging stations, so towns must decide which option is best for them. Level 2 charging stations are the most common and can charge an EV in a few hours. Level 3 charging stations are much faster but are also more expensive.

Update the Electric Grid

Another important consideration for small towns is the electric grid. In order to charge EVs, a lot of electricity is required, and the electric grid will need to be able to manage the increased demand. This may mean upgrading power lines and transformers or even installing new ones.

Change Parking Regulations

Small towns will need to change their parking regulations to make it easier for EV owners to park. This may mean reserving EV parking spots or installing charging stations in public parking areas. To accommodate the needs of EV owners, small towns will need to be proactive in making changes to their parking regulations.

Educate the Public

Small towns will need to educate the public about EVs. Many people are still unfamiliar with EVs, so it is important to provide information about how they work and the benefits of driving an EV. You can do this through public meetings, workshops, or even by providing information on the town website.

Schools will also play an important role in educating the public about EVs. Teachers can incorporate information about EVs into their lesson plans, and students can be encouraged to research EVs and present their findings to the class.

Encourage Businesses to Go Electric

Small businesses are the backbone of many small towns. Small towns should encourage them to switch to electric vehicles to make the transition to EVs easier for businesses. This can be done through financial incentives, such as tax breaks or rebates, or by providing convenient charging stations.

Making the switch to EVs can be a big investment for businesses, so it’s important that they feel supported by the community. Small towns and businesses can make the transition to EVs smooth and easy by working together.

Create EV-Friendly Infrastructure

For EVs to succeed in small towns, the infrastructure needs to be in place. This includes things like charging stations, EV-friendly parking spaces, and signage.The information found at Comparethemarket gives you insight into how many charging stations are needed in each country to take a EV-friendly road trip.

Investing in EV infrastructure shows that the town is committed to transitioning to EVs. It also makes it easier for residents and businesses to make the switch.

Create an EV-Friendly Route

Many small towns are located off major highways, so they can create an EV-friendly route that EV owners can use to charge their cars. This route can be advertised to EV owners and include information about where to find charging stations, restaurants, and other businesses.

Creating an EV-friendly route is a great way to show that small towns are welcoming to EVs. It can also be a valuable marketing tool, as it will attract EV owners to the town.

Be Prepared for Winter

One of the challenges of driving an EV in a small town is that the infrastructure may not handle the increased demand during the winter months. This is because snow and ice can make it difficult to charge an EV, so the charging stations may need to be located in heated areas.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to power EV charging stations, so small towns can install them to help offset the cost of powering the stations. This is a great way to support EVs and reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

Offer Incentives

Small towns can offer incentives to encourage people to drive EVs. This can be done by offering discounts on parking or by providing free charging station use. Incentives are a great way to encourage people to switch to EVs, and they can help make the transition smoother.

By making these changes, small towns can accommodate the needs of EV owners and make the transition to EVs easier. These changes will require some investment, but they will be worthwhile in the long run. EVs are the future of transportation, and so small towns need to be prepared.

Article written by Mason Hamilton. 

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