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How the top industries have utilised technology to become eco-friendly

One of the huge benefits that’s come from a result of the technology boom is that industries are becoming more eco-friendly. With concerns rising over global warming and more people becoming aware of the detrimental impact they’re having included their carbon footprint, many of the most energy consuming industries are seeking out new ways to be better for the environment.


In this article, we’ll explore some of top industries and how they’ve utilised technology to become eco-friendlier and more sustainable. Read on to find out more.


The gambling industry

The gambling industry is one of the largest in the world, and today is worth over $565 billion; a number that’s expected to grow over the years as the online gaming industry expands. And the online side is definitely changing the game, so to speak. Casinos are known to be open late hours, with some keeping their lights on around the clock. With technology giving them the ability and platform to provide their services online with players being able to access their favourite games like slots, it’s made many forgo their land-based casinos for this option. Innovative providers like Winkslots have made the move to online, thereby reducing their online carbon footprint and innovating in their own right in the online space. In doing so, they are recognising consumer demands for an online platform as well as societies needs to move on from unnecessary energy consumption, which is a win-win situation for the brand. Many providers are following the trends, seeing wink slots success in digitalisation, however there are many that are still lacking in providing a better service for the environment and whilst building an online presence.


It’s easy to see how a move to online can help contribute to more eco-friendly gaming. Gaming machines and keeping the lights on (sometimes at all hours) contribute to high energy consumption. Much of this move is coming from the demand of consumers, many of whom are choosing to play their favourite games online and thereby reducing the amount of travel pollution as they would have previously.

It will be interesting to see how the casino industry looks to become more ecofriendly in the future and the measures they’ll take towards this goal.


Consumer packaged goods


With recent reports showing that more than 73% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits in an effort to contribute to more eco-friendly buying, the consumer goods industry is taking action.


Many of the largest organisations in this space are making declarations about how they will drive their sustainability campaigns within their organizations over the next decade. This includes of course reducing (or completely eliminating) plastics in their packaging. Of course, a part of this is educating consumers about how to recycle properly through online spaces emphasized by Redditch Standard, as well as ensuring that suppliers are also committing to sustainable efforts.


Architecture and Construction

With many of today’s buildings responsible for an astonishing 40% (and more) of energy usage, the architecture and construction industries are thinking hard about how to be innovative in their approach to being more ecofriendly. One of the ways that they’re doing this is through technology, using it to streamline project management and boost efficiencies. Online platforms and portals are one of the ways to do this, as well as a smart space to communicate with global supply chains.



The transportation and mobility industries have long had criticism for contributing to a decline in the world environment. But these industries too have also been leading the way when it comes to incorporating tech to become more eco-friendly. Technia reports Technology like alternative fuel sources, digitalisation and vehicles that can operate autonomously are all part of this effort; while electrical vehicle sales continue to rise with new innovations happening in this space every day.



The hospitality industry is an ever-evolving space and one where consumers are having a big impact. With more people wanting to eat with a conscious – both when it comes to

animal products and more environmentally – chefs and restaurant-owners are coming up with new ways to satisfy this demand.


Technology around meat-free alternatives has meant that there are a plethora of options for customers to choose to eat vegan (while still satisfying meat-eaters). This technolog is so exciting that many people are eating vegan or plant-based alternatives and enjoying them more than ever before. The vegan product market has become a massive business and supplying the restaurant industry who are helping to fuel its demand.


Another way that restaurants are becoming more ecofriendly are through cooking what’s in season and local – which is a movement that many customers are coming on board with according to Opentable. This means that the produce is not only as fresh as possible but eliminating the environmental impact from transporting it over the world.


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