25th Jun, 2018

Devastated Redditch family fear their dog died after being poisoned

Imogen Buller 17th Feb, 2017

A DEVASTATED Redditch family fear their dog died after being poisoned.

On Saturday (February 11) Elliot Barnett, who lives in Greenlands, noticed his dog, Reina, was behaving strangely and was not quite herself.

After being taken for a walk near their house she seemed to perk up, however the next day her condition worsened, and on Monday (February 13) he rushed her to the vets.

The vets ran tests and found that the 18 month old dog had high levels of toxins in her body – and kidney function tests showed it was advanced and affecting her organs.

“They gave her charcoal and an IV drip to try and save her, but it was too advanced and her body couldn’t cope,” said Elliot.

“We lost her on Tuesday morning and we are devastated.”

After learning that Reina had poisonous toxins in her bloodstream, Elliot was determined to find what had caused Reina’s illness.

“I looked everywhere around the house and garden and the only thing I found out of the ordinary was alongside the fence in the garden. Lots of small, white pellets seemed to be scattered along there. I’m not sure what exactly they are, but they appear to have been sprinkled over the fence.

“I am sure these pellets – whatever they are – were the cause of Reina’s illness.”

Without a full toxicology report, which the vet has told them they cannot do, it is impossible to know exactly what the pellets (pictured) are, but 27 year-old Elliot and his partner Charelle Steer have collected them all and stored them in a secure container.

“We’re not letting our other dogs go outside yet – and neither are the neighbours, who are also all dog owners. It’s too risky at the moment,”he added.

Reina was a Presa Canarios – a type of Mastiff, notoriously loyal and protective dogs, originally bred for working livestock. Although large, the animals make good family pets and Elliot’s daughter Talia is deeply upset about losing her.

Elliot hopes that other pet owners will be more wary and check their gardens before letting animals out.

He said: “Reina was a loved and very affectionate family pet. My daughter was really close to her and is heartbroken.

“The whole family are in shock and we wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this, so please keep an eye out for any unusual items in your garden – it could be the difference between life and death for a dog.”


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