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20th Oct, 2021

Your letters: Brexit, Extinction Rebellion and littering (September 18 Standard)

ON Friday, September 11 the MP for Redditch posted on her public Facebook page an article regarding the newly signed UK-Japan trade deal.

Whilst most of the comments posted by constituents were positive, there were some less supportive of the deal, pointing out that we did have a free trade deal with japan whilst in the EU, which was on better terms.

Whilst differing views in politics are to be expected, what happened next was not.

Any comment not supportive of the deal was removed.

Whilst I appreciate that, to some, Mrs Maclean’s Facebook page should be for her supporters, I’d expect that all of her constituents should be allowed to comment, and hold our elected representative to account.

I find the decision to remove dissenting voices incredibly disappointing, given that we are supposed to be living in an open and free democracy.

If even our Members of Parliament are not open to debate and scrutiny, what hope is there for bringing the country together on such divisive issues as Brexit?

A. Smale, Church Hill

WITH Rachel Maclean staying that she will give her full support to a bill that the Government has admitted breaks the law, I wonder if she will make an appearance at Redditch Magistrates’ Court to offer her full support to those constituents who have broken the law in a ‘specific and limited way;?

A.Thompson, Church Hill

LAW-maker or law-breaker? Sadly, our organisation and many others across the UK failed to make the case for continued membership of the European Union and Brexit is upon us.

We continue to campaign for the closest possible working relationship with our European friends and neighbours, in the world’s largest trading bloc on our doorstep.

We will hold our elected representatives to account as they attempt to deliver on Leave campaigners ambitious promises.

We join with all living ex-prime ministers in expressing our grave concern at the government’s proposal to break international law with the Internal Market Bill.

As patriots, we are proud of Britain’s global reputation as champions of the rule of law.

This must not be compromised simply because MPs failed to spot flaws in the ‘oven-ready deal’ sold to the electorate just months ago.

We ask Ms. Maclean to consider seriously her duty as MP to uphold the law and represent her constituents accordingly as the bill comes back to the House.

S.Thomson, Worcestershire for Europe

RESIDENTS are carrying out lots of litter picking in various areas of our town volunteering their time and resources.

What incentive is the council providing to these volunteers?

Various councils up and down the country have taken up anti litter campaigns, what is RBC doing to proactively tackle the litter issue?

Dr N.Patel, Southcrest


HOW much longer are we to tolerate the disruptive activities of Extinction Rebellion?

These people are seeking to suppress free speech by preventing the printing of newspapers that do not subscribe to their views.

The government and authorities must stop being idle and start putting them in prison and or heavy fines.

B.Ellis, Herefordshire

CAN I just put a huge thank you into your letters pages to the young lady that stopped at Cookhill on Saturday evening and helped me call the breakdown service.

My brain is still addled and her lovely name has escaped me, (I had no pen), sorry.

I had a puncture in my old BSA’s rear tyre and my battery had died on my phone as I was calling for an SOS.

She really is an angel to do that for a chap stranded by the side of the road as the sun was setting.

Thank you and thank you again she really is my angel…big kisses.

P.Cooper, Cookhill

GIFTS in Wills have always been important to charities but never more so than this year.

During Covid-19, blind and partially sighted people have struggled to access essentials like food and medicine.

Social distancing has made it hard for some people to get out at all.

Over the last six months, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has supported people with sight loss in numerous ways, including extending our Helpline opening hours, offering new telephone services, such as Talk and Support, and securing priority supermarket delivery slots.

Gifts in Wills have been hugely important in funding this work, accounting for half of our voluntary income.

An increase in public awareness and more gifts left in Wills helps RNIB remove more barriers for blind and partially sighted people.

That’s why we’re supporting Remember a Charity Week, to celebrate all the amazing people who support blind and partially sighted people across the UK by leaving a gift to RNIB in their will.

No matter how big or small, every gift counts and has a valuable impact.

You can pass on something amazing to people in years to come by leaving a gift behind.




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