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30th Jun, 2022

Your Letters: Election talk, library plans and spraying pesticide

Redditch Editorial 17th Apr, 2022

I READ with raised eyebrows Mr Rouse’s response to the criticism of his party, especially his comments on the Labour council having to give money to central government.

Does he not know that Thatcher and Major created such a massive government debt that they had to sell off all the nation’s assets to pay for it?

This included Redditch’s council houses lost under the Right to Buy scheme.

All councils had to pass over all receipts from the right to buy scheme to central government and were forbidden to use it to build replacement council houses.

The finances, despite this Tory government taking Redditch rate payers money, were still viable until the Conservatives took over.

What is more, Labour’s councillors never gave themselves an above inflation pay-rise when money was short and the Conservatives have now done this twice, despite achieving nothing for the town.

No wonder they are receiving criticism…..and for the record, I am a floating voter.

M Bish, Redditch 

INTERESTING to see that both Labour and the Liberal Democrats now share the same anti-democratic policy regarding the market in Redditch.

Consumers tend to vote with their feet, and it cannot be said that people were racing to visit Redditch Market even when it was outside.

The principles of self-determination meant the traders were able to choose to move inside, and the same principle means they can go back outside again if they wish to do so if things aren’t working out for them.

They are not prisoners – let them decide.

The right to self-determination is an important one, but we all know that Labour and Liberal Democrats don’t believe in it – between them they’d have us re-join the EU, hand over the Falkland Islands, and carry out the forced relocation of market traders in Redditch!

M Rouse,

Conservative candidate for Church Hill

I NOTED two ranting letters from Councillor Fleming and Coun Rouse the other week in their attempt to divert us all away from the very worrying state of Redditch Borough Council’s finances.

I think we can all judge the Redditch Conservative Council’s financial record by their own former finance portfolio holder Coun David Thain.

Coun Thain says: “The people of Redditch deserve to know just how bad the authority’s financial situation is” and “since I have been removed from council’s financial portfolio post in 2021, the council is now, March 2022, once again, veering headlong towards another Section 24 notice” and possible and bankruptcy further down the line.

I’d like to say what Redditch clearly needs is a Labour Council again – as their Budget was always balanced.

Name and Address Supplied

I NOTE that Councillor Rouse (Letters), claims to be excited about the plans for the central library, which will be released at the end of May, after the local elections.

If these plans are so rip-roaringly spiffing, as he implies, would it not make far more sense to have them released before the elections, so that the electorate may decide for themselves.

Or is it more a case of the council fearing that the electorate may not share their unbridled joy at what is to be proposed?

S Williams, Redditch

I WONDER how many readers share my concerns and questions what Redditch Borough Council is spraying on all our pavements, and green verges etc.

What is the chemical sprayed?

Is this spray safe? If so why was the council employee I saw wearing protective gear?

Is such chemical spraying a ‘green’ environmentally friendly solution to weeds? (Whatever is being sprayed kills the grasses as well ). Who in RBC makes the decisions regarding this weed control practice.

Perhaps a council officer will enlighten us.

L Clarke, Winyates Green

HOW lovely it is to open the Standard and read about a crowd of 75 going to Africa to build and repair schools.

How they’ll also find the time to teach is going to be a great challenge.

I wish them all the very best in this great endeavour. I wish only to be a lot younger as I would then beg a space in one of the suitcases.

Good luck to them all.

One more small step to rural improvement in Africa.

P Summer, Ham Green

MOST of us opposed to the cemetery development of part of Arrow Valley Park do not care whether it is Labour, Conservative or the Monster Raving Loony Party taking away our recreational space – though the policy would at least be consistent with the name in the latter case.

What matters is an area where there is already an admitted shortfall will lose the best bit of green space it has.

Is it really necessary to point out to Mr Rouse that making ‘the big calls’ is only laudable if they are also the right calls?

This is a decision which will hand on a toxic legacy to future generations as the cemetery devours ever greater portions of Arrow Valley Park.

Why not be honest enough to admit a major mistake has been made and reconsider the whole process?

Or is that just too big a call?

K Wass, Matchborough


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